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Red Wine Aroma (12 Vials) Kit by Aromabar

Red Wine Aroma (12 Vials) Kit by Aromabar


"The ABC's of wine aromas" - A great gift or add a surprise accompaniment with a bottle of wine! Hone your sense of smell to reveal more nuances with every meal!

The 12 most familiar aromas found in red wine have been selected from the Master Kit. This selection is an excellent gift for wine tasting sessions.

Red wines mostly contain aromas from red fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and cherries. But they also like to be combined with tangy aromas, such as mint. Every grape variety contains its own aromas, which vary, however, depending on the climate and soil in which the grape grew. Become acquainted with the most important red wine aromas with the AROMABAR of Red Wine Aromas:

  • 1.Wild berries
  • 2.Strawberry
  • 3.Plum
  • 4.Raspberry
  • 5.Blackcurrant
  • 6.Cherry
  • 7.Blackberry
  • 8.Pepper
  • 9.Violet
  • 10.Almond
  • 11.Green pepper
  • 12.Mint


    - 12 Aroma Vials
    - 1 Instructional Manual
    - Presented In a Display Box with nested aroma scent vials