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Dark Collection Gift Set - Jcoco


All red wines will showcase well paired with these high quality, small batched chocolates produced in the Pacific Northwest! The one-ounce sizes split into 6 pieces is an ideal tasting size allowing side-by-side pairings and new creations and added bonus, the chocolates have a shelf life of one-year. 

We created our newest Jcoco gift box for gourmet chocolate lovers who prefer to walk on the dark side. The Jcoco Dark Collection Gift Box exclusively features dark chocolate bars in five of our signature recipes in a beautiful 5.5" x 5.5" x 2.5" gift box. And don’t forget: Every purchase of Jcoco helps fight hunger in the United States. The Dark Collection includes: 

  • Orange Blossom Espresso in 60% dark chocolate

  • Noble Dark in 72% dark chocolate with cocoa nibs

  • Black Fig Pistachio in 72% dark chocolate

  • 85% Dark Single-Origin Peruvian Chocolate

  • Boharat Middle Eastern Spice in 60% dark chocolate