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Discover Wine - It's more than a Sip, it's an Experience!



Wine-Gatherings is a resource to deepen your understanding of wine through virtual vignette series, print materials and videos as wine best represents it's location and seeks conversation. 

With grape varietals and climates varying around the world, this international beverage is truly a community connector. Wine-Gatherings is honored to deepen your understanding of wine, create memorable food and wine pairings and simply hone your sense of smell and enrich your overall awareness between smell and taste. If we eat with our eyes, then we taste with our nose!

According to Vivino, “researchers estimate that 80% of flavor actually comes from our ability to smell. The other 20% certainly completes the flavor, however it’s smell that does the vast majority of the work and is therefore the most important factor when we drink wine.”

So how do we dive deeper into our senses and uncover the flavors presented in our wines and ultimately our foods...through many, many guided tastings! Honing your sense of smell will increase awareness and appreciation of cuisine from around the world!

I encourage you to visit Wine-Gatherings often as we strive to be your approachable wine reference with hand selected products endorsed by me to enhance your overall experience. 

  • Discover how to safely and consistently saber a sparkling bottle of wine.
  • Create harmonious food and wine pairings - its best to have the wine be more acidic and sweeter than the food! 
  • Learn why winemakers are highly selective with harvest sugar levels as all grape varietals stop ripening when harvested.

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