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Wine Gatherings is the culmination of a vision to celebrate wine and our shared love of life!

Cheers Wine Friends, Explorers, Apprecianados!

Wine is about place and has a story to be shared in each bottle, each glass. 

Like many beloved bottles, my story also finds its roots in Napa, California. Yes, people really do live there and I am a 100% born and raised child of the wine valley. I have immersed myself in the wine industry, contributing in every aspect from barreling to walking the vineyards, serving guests on the Napa Valley Wine Train, to helping rebuild the grounds of premiere Cabernet Sauvignon house, Silver Oak Cellars.

When life called us away from the valley in 2010, a world of new wine regions and varieties opened up akin to discovering a whole new library. We have since let our wine palates guide our travel with remarkable success. From exploring the Lake Balaton, Hungarian region to Haro, Spain's annual city wine fight, I draw on these far-flung experiences to give color to my classes in fun and interactive ways while underpinning my information in facts from years of sourced study.

So let’s share a glass and enrich the journey by answering your questions and sharing insights from a life well sipped.  Whether it be understanding the basics of why red wine is red or appreciating the unique differences among grape leaves types on your next stroll through a vineyard, I’m eager to help. Wine culture at all levels is fascinating and similar to life, is better when shared!

With a raised glass ~ Dominique Gordon