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Vinturi Essential Red Wine Aerator


The Essential Red Wine Aerator from Vinturi infuses oxygen into wine as it's poured through the chamber, immediately releasing aromas and enhancing the overall flavors. Although I'm not a fan of the sound, the wine aromas and therefore the taste, are greater highlighted with the Vinturi, especially if the wine is young. As bolder red wine oxidizes, tannins soften and become less harsh, making for a rounder, more balanced overall drinking experience. This is a great addition to your wine accessories! 
  • Includes:
    • Aerator
    • No-drip stand
    • Filter screen is an added bonus to catch sediment or bits of cork.
  • Patented technology infuses the right amount of oxygen into wine as it is poured through the chamber
  • Helps to open up the aromas and flavor of red wine
  • BPA-free
  • Plastic exterior finish